Privacy Policy Statement

We keep all customers’ information strictly confidential. Bidet Shopee can never rent or sell our customers’ data to any authority for any monitory, publication purpose.

Our site is:

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473 Mundet Place

Ste US346062, Hillside

New Jersey, 07205, United States

All customers and visitors are assets of Therefore, we respect our customers’ data privacy and maintain up to the highest level of confidentiality. 

All the personal information stored on our website is used to improve the site and user experience, and the services we provide. We never use the information for any kind of commercial purpose.

Concerning to cookies

To help our log analysis program accurately, we have set one cookie. We are using Urchin’s UTM for our log analysis. Not any personal information is contained within this cookie.

Bidetshopee never sends any promotional emails to the customers or visitors. The unsubscribe option will always be there for the users if they do not want to receive email from us in the future. The process is very easy and straightforward; you just need to notify us by sending us an email at the email address mentioned on our website.

None of the organizations or any sectors are allowed to ask for the user’s private data. We also do not have any agreements with anyone to share this information.

We will make the possible amendments to our privacy policy if we change anything regarding the user’s information and publish that on our website. We will keep our users notified about the cookies and privacy policy changes all the time.

We also accept the reasonable requests from the users if they wish to check their personal information, which they shared with us. All the consumers can have this information corrected anytime by sending us an e-mail.

We use secured servers for payment transfers and receive certain types of sensitive information, such as financial information. The users are redirected to a secure server while making payment and filling the details.

Please contact us anytime if you feel the site is not maintaining the things as mentioned above, at the following email addresses.