What Is Bidet Attachment For Toilet seat

Biffy bidet attachment

If you encounter a separate entity next to the toilet seat, you are in a smart bathroom cum toilet. This is a bidet pronounced as bih-day. Bidets are designed to cleanse you after defecation or urination. The bidet attachment is installed to have easy access to the lower body parts. Bidet fixtures are the cleansing unit of the toilet extremely popular in European countries.

Bidet Attachment

Why go for bidets

Bidets are not a decorative accessory of the toilet. It provides thorough cleansing after getting freshens up. There are data, that using bidets minimizes the cost of toilet paper manifold.  Bidets are ardent from the hygiene point of view.

Thorough cleaning minimizes the Urinary tract infections, soring in bums, and hemorrhoid. Bidet helps elderly and physically challenged people in the toilet to clean properly.

Bidets help the green environment by reducing Toilet Paper.

Types in bidets

It can be a shower bidet, conventional standalone bidet, and bidet attachment.

A bidet shower is a hand-held nozzle spray that aids in cleaning of the anus and genitals. The water spray is gentle enough as pressure is adjustable. These showers directed by hands to clean.

The conventional standalone bidet is the separate body installed next to the toilet seat. This unit is a separate fixture and requires plumbing assistance. Sometimes it is like a washbasin. Users can clean themselves by filling the water in the unit.

Biffy Bidet attachment

Bidet attachments are the add-ons that are fitted in the commode itself. Water spurting is vertical which aids the cleaning of genitals and anus. The faucets installed at the rim of seat aids in cleaning of nether. These bidets can be manual or operated by electricity.

Models with features of blow-drying or wireless remote, temperature, and pressure control are also in the market. There are features like deodorizers and activated carbon to prevent the smell.

How to use a bidet

Bidets are extremely comfortable to use be it bidet for older people or hemorrhoid care and in normal conditions. Sit or stand on the bidet and use the water spray or faucet for water supply.

Water temperature and pressures are adjusted as per the need. After cleaning if blow-dry is there then it can be used otherwise towel accessible to the bidet is there for drying purposes. Toilet papers can be used for drying.

Health and care aspects of bidet

Bidets for older people is a boon for them. They are not relying on anyone for assisting them in toilets anymore. The automated faucets are helping them getting cleaned. Physically challenged people find it convenient.

Bidet helps in the prevention of UTI ( urinary tract infections). Gentle water spray on the gentle area cares hemorrhoids.

The bidet attachments are very popular in European countries. Bidets keep the hands remain clean even after defaecation. The spread of infection is reduced that even hospitals are installing bidets in their toilets. The bidets are available in all budgets. Anyone can afford a bidet attachment.

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