Who Needs Toilet Paper? COVID-19 Smart Bio Bidet To Replace TP

Biffy bidet attachment

So many of you during this coronavirus thing have decided that you want a horde toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Bidetshopee

I don’t understand why you guys are hoarding toilet paper, but I know we don’t need it. The reason we don’t need it is that we ended up buying this product years ago.

Today I am going to be talking about the smart bidet toilet seat from bio bidet.

Now I had another electric bidet toilet seat. It’s a real tongue twister and I liked it. But it didn’t have a dryer built into it and it didn’t have a night light.

Bio Bidet Ultimate 770

So I decided I was going to buy this one to replace another one to have those other features.

So let’s pull it out of the box. Inside this compartment, you’ve got some mounting hardware. You’ve got your remote control which I understand has two sides to it. It can be preset for two different people so you can preset it for yourself and your other loved one.

You’ve got a couple of hoses and then L connector along with the actual seat.

The Smart bio bidet is an electronic bidet. It washes your backside and it washes your front side. The thing is it’s so darn easy to install and you don’t need toilet paper.

I think my wife and I go through maybe one roll one and a half rolls a month.

All you need to do is tear off toilet paper and dry yourself. But you don’t even have to do. This thing has a built-in dryer that automatically dries your backside. Your front side for you and it’s all controllable from this little remote control.

Bio Bidet

It’s pretty amazing. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to show you how this thing works. There is the power button and right underneath there’s really unique little thing.

It’s an activated charcoal cartridge and it looks kind of catalytic converter. Basically what it is? It’s for deodorizing the toilet seat. It will actually take the bad smells. Filter it out and run it through this little thing like a catalytic converter.

So the unique thing about this remote control for this toilet seat is, it has two sides.

So you can set the temperature of the actual toilet seat. You can set the temperature of the water that comes out of the Jets. It’s automatic.  It can be turn off, to protect from children.

You can set it for yourself and one for your significant other. It has a bunch of other features of this one toilet seat.

The price point was less and it gave you so many more features.

The first thing I’d like to bring up is a nice blue night light. It is on constantly on this electronic bidet. You can turn it on and off from the remote control.

Night light bio bidet

This toilet seat is not activated until you put some pressure on it.

There is a beep sound when you press the ON button. This toilet seat can be activated remotely. Once activated, the first nozzle comes out and cleans. You can set the duration of cleaning as well. There is a second cleaning sprayer, that starts once the first sprayer stops.

Once the sprayer stops, a dryer comes on and that will dry the wet area.

So if you really don’t want to use toilet paper you can let this thing dry you on its own.  This usually lasts about two minutes.

I mean we don’t have to go looking around for toilet paper or arguing with people and trying to take toilet paper from them or hoard toilet paper.

There is the instruction that it comes with. There is a Quick Start manual as well.

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